Information for couples intending to marry in the Greek Orthodox Church in Ireland (2018)

The Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation is registered by the Irish government as a place in which marriage may be officiated (The named clergy are registered by the state as Registrars of Marriages).
For the marriage to take place the following procedure is required:

  • A NOTICE OF INTENT TO MARRY is to be served to the Office of the Registrar of Civil Marriages, Sir Patrick Duns Hospital, Lower Grand Canal Street, Dublin 2. Tel. 6787114/15 or the registrar in your area, who will issue a permit granting permission for the marriage to take place in church.

Note: If you have not been married in a civil ceremony (in or outside of the Republic of Ireland), the Church marriage will not be recognised by the state for civil and legal matters.

For the Church Marriage:

  • An APPLICATION FOR AN EPISCOPAL PERMIT FOR THE BLESSING OF A MARRIAGE (available in church) which will be signed by the Archbishop.
    A bank draft for £60 (Stg) payable to: ‘The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Thyateira’ which is the Archdiocese fee for the Church Certificate of Marriage which is given to the couple immediately following the ceremony.
    A Certificate of Freedom, for the Bride & Groom from their respective parish’s certifying that they are free to marry.
    In the case of an Inter-Church Marriage a copy of the Baptismal Certificate for the non-Orthodox partner.

Please note that weddings are not allowed in Church: from 12th. December until Christmas, during Lent, except by special licence on the 2nd., 4th. and 5th. Sundays thereof, from 1st. To 15th. August; on the 5th. and 6th. January except by special license; on the Feast of the Holy Cross (14th. September), between a member of the Orthodox Church and a non-Christian, or with a member of a denomination not baptising in the name of the Holy Trinity.

For registered members of the parish there is a church fee of €100.
For non-members of the parish the fee is €200.
A voluntary donation to the officiating priest is welcomed

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