Information about baptisms in Greek Orthodox Church in Ireland

The infant should be Baptised on the 40th. day or as soon as possible after that.
The infant must be given the name of a saint from the Orthodox calendar.
The Godparent must be a member of the Orthodox Church, in communion with the Ecumenical Patriarchate.
He/she must lead a moral life, must be a regular church goer in good standing and well instructed in the Orthodox Faith.
The baby’s mother should come to Church before the Baptism so that the prayers can be read over her, (if she has not already done so) to enable her to enter the Church and witness the Christening of her baby.

When you come to Church to have the infant baptised, you will need to bring;

  •  A white Baptismal candle.
  •  A small cross which will be placed around the baby’s neck
  • A new white garment (for use after the Baptism)
  •  Olive oil, soap and 2 new white towels,(one medium & one large) which shall be left in the Church

The fee for the Baptismal certificate is currently €70. which is forwarded to the Archdiocese in London.
By decree of the Parish Council, a fee of €100 for the church is recommended.
Exception is made where a family may not be in a financial position to donate (Please discuss with the priest).
Please note: according to the tradition of the Orthodox Church, the newly baptised should be brought to church on the following three Sundays to receive the Holy Mysteries (Holy Communion), unless there are good reasons why this is not possible.
We are pleased that you have taken this important first step in the life of your child and look forward to welcoming him/her into the community of faith.

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